Our New Component Cabinet – What a Deal

Took advantage of the wonderful boxing day sales to pick up a component cabinet for a super great price!! normally $200 we got this for like $44 .. not to shabby me thinks .. discovered why when I was searching for an image of it, it’s discontinued by the manufacturer, but i’m not going to complain .. it’s exactly what we need .. poor Shadow is going to be hard pressed to keep warm on the satellite box now LOL .. poor kitty 😉

Best thing is currently the dvd, xbox and satellite are all stacked on top of each other .. this will give it nice placement and get that table down stairs now 😀 .. we have wayyy to many end and occassional tables ..

Update on the pier cabinet .. hellasigh .. i got to step 4 and realized that i didn’t have the correct parts for this. for the 4 legs; i need 2 C and 2 D .. I have 3 D and 1 C .. I called the store where i purchased it, they couldn’t help me b/c their customer care department is closed (holiday here), I was spuing steam out my ears at that point and called the manufacturer .. no questions asked, sending me out the parts i need to finish this ..

I’m so bloody ticked about the company .. they can be open to take my money, but not take care of issues from the products GRRRRRRRR. I even suggested to her, why can’t i just bring this back, I just purchased it less than an hour ago and exchange it. Oh ma’am, that also needs to be taken care of through our customer care department .. HOLYBIBLEBATMAN are you kidding ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Needless to say, I’ll not shop at that store again. Not the first time I’ve had an issue with for any sort of reason .. GRRRRRR

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