I’matwit – Kyle’s quilttop

Well last nite I finished piecing the top for kyle’s quilt. Needless to say I am very disappointed in myself. I don’t know if it was me wanting to get it done to surprise him in the am, or not feeling good – but twit for brains here .. did NOT square the blocks :'(. I took a few pics, but the batteries are dead in my camera right now and I’ll fuss with that tomorrow – to tired tonite. My corners don’t meet, the lines are all off and i have a SUPER friendly quilt top that is waving like mad .. hellasigh .. part of the problem is the yellow fabric, it’s got a lower thread count I think and doesn’t have the heft and weight of the rest of the fabrics I used. So there is a LOT of distortion and stretching in the yellow no matter how careful I was .. it’s just a stretchy type of material and is in the corners of each block .. tell me that’s not fun :S

Needless to say, I’ve spent tonite while watching Pirates and some sports programs, reverse stitching the top, bout a 1/3 of the way done and will finish it tomorrow. Part of the problem is my square cutter is 12 1/2″ and these blocks are 14 1/2″ – so instead of putting my mind to it (which I had to do BEFORE I got the block square cutter, was do it the long way .. so now, I have to unsew the quilt top – have about 6 blocks done out of 20, then square them up and do it again.

Worst of all (not sure if it’s because of cmas or not) but kyle didn’t notice that I was ripping his quilt top apart .. oh and this am he mentioned the lack of golf fabric in this quilt .. i reminded to him that he told me it would be fine that i used the old fabric and just made the pattern larger .. BOYS!!! Ilovemyson Ilovemyson Ilovemyson .. hellasigh ..

I’m going to put it down to excitement from cmas that he didn’t notice .. but feelings are still hurt ..

I need to post those pics tomorrow.

On a good note tho, i did find one of my missing quilt tops – bad part of this, my little hip pack that has all my hand quilting supplies is still MIA along with my fabric dyes. I’m sure that it would turn up .. but i have 3 projects which i could finish in no time if I found those quilting thread!

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