I’m actually quilting!!!!

I can’t believe it .. after all this time – I’m finally sewing again ..

oiled and readjusted the tensions on my featherweight and off i went .. actually pressed blocks, and cut fabric and sewed it together …

**sigh** total bliss ..

Of course I didn’t check the tension BEFORE i started, so I even got reverse stitching in – but what quilting wouldn’t have that in it I wonder??

Sharpened my rotary blades. Actually found another bag of scraps 😀 .. to bad I’m still missing a box or two. Reg and I started shifting stuff around in the basement today to see if we could find them. Found a few other things, but not the box I’m thinking of specifically .. the one with all my betweens, favourite thimbles, pooh bear stamps, green pigma pens, miscellaneous supplies and gadgets – and i think I’m missing another WIP – oh actually it’s not a WIP, it was finished .. so were did that wall hanging go .. I’ve not seen it since about 2001 (that’s when all my sewing stuff had to be packed up for storage etc)

Ah well .. the bookcases are in place in the basement now, so now I can start sifting through boxes as I unpack my books .. hmmm .. still missing some kitty patterns too .. I’m going to guess I’m missing 2 – 3 boxes of various notions and sundries ..

Wish me luck on THAT part of it

I actually remembered another quilt that i need to work on. The Ladybug Court pattern I was developing .. it got tested by other quilters, just didn’t finish my quilt up yet for it for the picture and whatnot . .I did find all the cut pieces soooooo that will be added to quilty things to do list 😀

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