Kyle’s quilt

This was a quilt I started for Kyle oh back in 98 :|. I was actually ‘test driving’ a pattern for a fellow quilter and for whatever reason; school, illness etc, I was unable to finish it. What kills me is that the top was just about done. I mean all I have to do is piece the blocks together and voila, top ready for sandwich and quilting. I’m such a twit sometimes. Back in 98 Kyle would have been 3 years old, now he’s 12 1/2 :O (Where does the bloody time go) and the fabrics themselves are almost too young for him, but still borderline .. there are trucks (cartoonish), and fabric with dots, green fabric with yellow pooh bear type honey bees and just a yellow streaked one. I tried to import the fabric but quiltpro is being a pita about it so I approximated. Here’s the best I could do.

The next issue is the size. Kyle recently moved up to a double sized bed due to the fact that his room is large enough for now. Now I have enough of the blue and red to do wide borders to increase the size as well as add another border on. OR I could do one more row of blocks and use 1 less border. It’s all going to have to come down to math. What ever I have the fabric for, he gets. I’m thinking that the wider quilt (blocks are 14/5″ unfinished) so that should more than compensate for it not fitting his bed.

The fabric isn’t all that bad .. granted the trucks and the honeybees could be worse, but it’s not as babyish as i feared. He has actually said, i don’t care mum .. i think that he just wants another quilt by mum .. been a while since he’s gotten one.


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